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Published on - 2021-03-19 | Author - INSD KOLKATA


Do you absolutely love the fashion industry? Do you enjoy being creative with color, patterns and textures? Are you constantly up to date with the latest trends and revel in studying different looks? Then a career as a fashion stylist may be perfect for you! With your creative vision and a unique style, you could be setting trends, collaborating with brands, shooting magazine covers and bringing to life the pictures in your imagination.


First and foremost, who is a fashion stylist?


Fashion stylist arranges outfits from a variety of garments and embellishments. They may dress mannequins for retail location presentations or photograph shoots and help store clients with picking attire and assistants to supplement their body type and way of life.


The workplace is regularly relentless with movement conceivably required or even migration to significant urban areas for work openings. Stylist must stay aware of regularly changing fashion trends and may need to place in additional hours to comply with time constraints.


Reasons to succeed as a fashion stylist


§  Exploring new places

All this depends upon your customer, obviously, yet stylist will in general do a touch of travelling. Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, on aboard perhaps Paris … no one can really tell where you will wind up for work.

§  Working backstage for cool events

At the point when you are dressing celebs and artists you go where they go, which implies behind the stage admittance to TV shows, shows, and other cool occasions.


§  Working with the beautiful, talented, and famous

Who needs a fashion stylist? VIPs, artists, and models generally, so working as a fashion stylist will give you the opportunity to interface with these famous people.

§  Meeting new people

Like we referenced before, your workday will consistently be extraordinary and that implies meeting various individuals. Each activity opens up the entryway for meeting new chiefs, picture takers, cosmetics craftsmen, hair individuals, models, big names, different beauticians, and the rundown goes on …


§  Shopping!

You get the chance to shop, shop and shop! In the event that you love to shop, at that point closet styling is certainly the activity for you. Your main responsibility is to shop. Shopping in retail establishments, showrooms, boutiques, outfit houses … you persuade paid to be a shopping machine.


Being a fashion stylist is one of the most sought-after careers of the moment, and why should not it be? Its a pretty sweet job. I mean, think about it: you get to shop and hang out with top class people and also get to learn so many new things about the fashion industry. So if you are looking for a rewarding career as a fashion stylist https://insdkolkata.com/fashion-design-institute.php international school of design, Kolkata https://insdkolkata.com/international-school-of-design.php will help you shape that career.


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