THE PARIS PROJECT: An institution in Kolkata that gives students an international edge


Published on - 2021-03-17 | Author - INSD KOLKATA

Paris Project

It is rightly said that life starts toward the finish of your customary range of familiarity!  You may believe that you have a ton to investigate and involvement with life, in your own nation, old neighbourhood or school. Yet, except if you move out of your usual range of familiarity by what means will you see beneficial things about living in another nation? Students exchange program is perhaps the most ideal approach to experience international education without investing a great deal of energy away from your native place.


Going to Paris as an international student wont just give you a major jump in your future objectives however an exchange program will likewise be a day to day existence advancing experience. You will improve your language abilities, gain freedom and build up a worldwide point of view on different common issues.  When one thinks of Paris especially, Images of glamorous models, famous designer and jaw- dropping architectural creation immediately comes to ones mind. Studying design from the fashion capital of the world (Paris) is a dream what most of the designing students have been waiting to fulfil. Here at International school of Design, Kolkata, we provide the students a life changing experience.


INSD, Kolkata has made a programme known as the Paris Project where the students get to visit and explore Paris. This program not only helps the designing aspirants to explore Paris through the eyes of designers but also gives them to collaborate and work with Parisian students. The designing students have to attend workshops and classes and toured the country to meet various designers and get insights on their work. A program is set where the designing aspirants get to visit Paris, Nice, French Riviera, Cannes, Monte Carlo and Grasse (Prefume Capital of the World) and many more places. Several workshops and meets are planned in each of these cities including master classes, workshops on innovation, image makeover and iconic bags, etc.


The visit to Paris will offer wide based benefits and result for particularly designing students who are keen to set out on a worldwide adventure. The majority of these are interlaced and come together to establish the overall International experience.




·         Self-improvement and mindfulness prompting upgraded fearlessness and confidence. This is frequently the most recognizable change in returned international students.


·         A huge feeling of achievement upon fulfilment urges understudies to create autonomous conclusions, settle on educated choices and endeavour to accomplish new objectives.


·         Development and social balance, fuelled by the need to defy difficulties outside a recognizable encouraging group of people and safe place.


·         Global learning and information moves planning understudies towards acknowledgment and comprehension of a variety of various social and network viewpoints.


·         Enhanced interest in global issues as well as a broader general knowledge.


·         Analytical and problem solving skill will improve.


Going to Paris (The Fashion Capital) and learning from famous designers, be it fashion, interior or a Jewellery designing; student is undoubtedly will experience this tour for a lifetime, and that too at such a youthful age! Fortunately, this life changing experience will help you structuring competitors to get back outfitted with new information, social sympathy, understanding, and companions from another nation. You can take a look at the 2019 Paris tour trip by the INSD students Go on and apply now at International school of Design, Kolkata an exclusively unique, exceptional experience anticipates you! 


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